Street Style Staple: Graphic T-Shirts

Street style is all about casual, comfortable and easy dressing. The best way to decode street fashion is by blending in your own personal style and preferences with the current trends. Personally, when it comes to street wear, I hands down swear by minimal basics but I make sure that I experiment and play around with different colours, textures and accessories. 

The one street style trend which is all over at the moment is the Graphic t- shirt.  Graphic t-shirts with vintage logos, slogans, popular characters/personalities and bands are literally being donned by every fashion enthusiast. This trend dates back to the 50’s however it was music (60s/70s) which popularised this statement trend. Since then somehow it has never been completely out of sight. One reason could be that graphic t-shirts are so versatile when it comes to styling, team them up with a pair of jeans, skirts, short or even with formals they go well with everything

I still remember in high school band t-shirts  (“Metallica” black t-shirt to be specific) were everything that our closets required at that moment and how can I forget the black nail colour and converse. Back then it was more to do with grunge but now these t-shirts are incorporated as the highlight of a chic ensemble. For today’s post, I wore a cropped lace up band t-shirt with a black leather skirt. The whole vibe of this outfit is very modish and cosmopolitan at the same time effortless. To add more to the whole band t-shirt essence I accessorised the outfit with sunny yellow aviators.

If you guys still have your old band t-shirts tucked in somewhere make the most of them right now!


Hope you all love it!


















Lace Up Graphic T-Shirt  –  Forever 21

Skirt                                     –   Sarojini Nagar

Footwear                             – Forever 21

Shades                                  – Street Shopped


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Ishika (@ishikadmonty)


Love Dem Stripes

Hi guys!!!!

Hope you all have been amazingly well!

It’s been so long since I wrote the last post, been missing in action (MIA) lately because I have so many things to manage that it’s crazy (also because procrastination is an issue!).

Coming to the post, this spring/summer we are loaded with so many trends to juggle between and personally I am obsessed with most of them, stripes being one of my favourite. Stripes in any of its variants- Breton, Chevron, pinstripes, horizontal or vertical have always been a part of our wardrobe. There has literally never been a moment when they weren’t in. But this season they are bold, bright, colourful and one cannot simply avoid donning them. I don’t think anybody can ever go wrong with this classic trend.

While planning a blog post or if I am just intrigued by some new trend, I recce about the conception of that particular trend or style and to my surprise stripes were actually considered demeaning and diabolic back in the days. Later they assumed a more utilitarian purpose (we all know where the “nautical” stripes came from) and finally sailed into mainstream fashion ( courtesy “Coco Chanel”).

Till recently I had a love-hate thing with stripes until I finally figured out what kind of stripes suited me and complimented my body type and height. If you are short like me then horizontal stripes are a big “NO” unless they are very fine pinstripes. I never really paid attention or thought that it would make such a difference until I tried my hands on silhouettes with vertical stripes (since then I have hoarded so many clothes with vertical stripes, I’m not kidding!).

For today’s post, I have styled two looks. The first outfit is very minimal and effortless where I am wearing a breezy striped shirt dress with a black sleeveless long jacket. The whole look is very basic yet sharp. What I love about silhouettes with stripes is that you don’t have to put any effort in putting together an ensemble. For the second look, I wanted to add more colours to my outfit and decided to style my multicolour striped culottes. I have paired the culottes with a pastel peach crop top and a denim jacket which are perfectly complementing the culottes and adding just the right amount of colour to the outfit. Colours for me have to be subtle whenever I am wearings patterns, prints or graphics and what could be better than opting for pastels. A personal advice, do give a try to multicoloured stripes as they add so much more verve to an outfit especially when paired with basics. 


Hope you all love it!






















Earrings – The Olio Stories

Shades   –  Street Shopped


Denim Jacket               – Sarojini Nagar

Stripped Culottes         – Zara

Crop Top                       – Forever 21

Glasses                          – Street Shopped

Mules                             – Aldo


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Ishika (@ishikadmonty)

Fries Are Bae!

Hi Guys!

Hope you all are amazingly well!

It’s Valentine’s and first of all, I want to thank all the amazing people who take out time from their busy lives to read my posts and for showering so much love on me through this platform. You guys have been a true source of motivation for me to always try to get better and better with every post.

Coming back to today’s post, I am sure the title of the post must have struck a chord with a lot of you reading it, because obviously who doesn’t love fries (and if you don’t I’m judging you big time!). As Valentine’s is all about expressing love, I thought I should let everyone know how much I love “fries” (like I’m not even kidding!). Whenever I am out  I just cannot miss out hogging on fries. So while surfing through one of my favourite online stores a few days back I stumbled upon this sweatshirt with boxes of fries all over it and I immediately added it to my cart (how could I not) and planned to definitely do a post wearing the fries sweatshirt (fries depicted in any random form attracts me towards them).

The day I received the sweatshirt I had way too many ideas swirling in my head, then finally, I decided not to go casual with the outfit as it would have looked too cliched. Also, I had already planned to publish this post for Valentine’s ( perfect day to reveal my obsession for fries) so I could not let the ensemble look bland or sort of usual (the idea here is to dress sassy for yourself and not to impress or for anybody). The look that I zeroed down on is very quirky at the same time super chic and cosmopolitan. I paired the sweatshirt with a bodycon Mustard dress and red stilettos and I love the fact that the ensemble is able to reflect my true love for fries and well as my personal taste and style (basically clothes!).


Hope you all love it (I guess you would if you are as crazy as I am for fries)!
























Fries Sweater                         – FOREVER21

Mustard Bodycon Dress      – Koovs

Footwear                                 – Steve Madden

Shades                                     – Street Shopped

Earrings                                  – H&M



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Ishika (@ishikadmonty)


Colour & Contrast

Hi guys!

Hope you all are doing amazingly well!

It’s already February and as the ritual continues, most of the resolutions made at the beginning of the year have gone down the drain (there were some which were just utopian). Laziness & procrastination, as usual, have been fulfilling their duties of being my best friends. But still, I did manage to go ahead with a few of the “to-do” things planned for now.

One of the things that I have planned for my posts this year is that I would try and incorporate things that are sort of new (things I don’t indulge in or opt for often) for me at the same time not compromising on my personal taste and style. The sole reason I thought about doing this was that it would help me experiment more with my wardrobe rather than ending up playing safe.

For today’s post, I decided to explore a bit more with colours and opted to fuse more colours into my outfits which I would usually not for winters as I like to stick to darker silhouettes (mostly black’s and grey’s). For the first look, I have worn a maroon bodycon midi dress with a maroon leather jacket (while buying it I was so confused because I wanted to but also wasn’t sure about it). I am not that much into monochromatic looks (with one colour) so I couldn’t stop myself from accessorising the outfit with black. For the second look, I have worn a green blazer with a mustard knit sweater and a black and white striped skirt. I was so sceptical about putting this look together but the combination and contrast of mustard and green and the whole ensemble turned out pretty sharp and modish.

Fusing and contrasting colours into your ensembles surely doesn’t disappoint and adds the much-needed verve and pop to them.


Hope you all love it!






























Jacket                        –     Zara

Dress                        –     Forever21

Waist Belt                –     SMU

Bandana & Shades – Street Shopped


Blazer                           – Street Shopped

Mustard Sweater        – Zara

Skirt                              – Street Shopped

Stockings &

Fishnet Stockings      – Forever21

Boots                             – Stilettos 

Shades                          – Rayban

Earrings                       – H&M


PHOTOGRAHY – ANKIT KUMAR (@framesbyankit)


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ISHIKA (@ishikadmonty)







The one piece of fashion essential that is omnipresent this season is the Bomber Jacket and what can I say, I am totally obsessed with this piece of fashion art. Bomber Jackets have really come a long way from being first designed for bomber pilots during the WWII (that’s where the name comes from) to becoming an outerwear staple perfect to wear literally anywhere. The bomber no doubt has been a “Fashion Favourite” since decades.

While digging into the fashion archives (I have to sort of know everything about the things I am crazy about) what I found interesting was how military ensembles from time to time (the camo trend which is also huge right now) have come to influence runway, street and mainstream fashion to such a massive extent. And how can I not mention the bomber’s recent popularity associated with Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour in 2013 (Kanye is <3).

The Bomber not only takes care of the temperature dip (its “actual” functionality) but also doesn’t compromise on style. The sporty yet chic aesthetics of the bomber (the reason it’s so modish and versatile) is what brewed my love affair with the bomber. The Bomber perfectly satiates the balance between fashion, comfort and utility.

For today’s post I have put together a super cool and casual look, I am wearing this Bomber Jacket from ENL and I have to tell you guys, the day I saw it I was so sure that I would be styling it for the blog as well. The fusion and pop of colours make this jacket so irresistible and sassy. To do justice to its “oh so fly” vibe, I have paired the jacket with a high neck top and distressed jeans underneath which I have worn fishnet stockings. I have purposely ditched sneakers for tie-up stilettos to add a little element of chic to the whole outfit. 


Hope you all love it!




















Bomber Jacket        – ENL

Distressed Jeans    – ONLY

High Neck Top       – Koovs

Fishnet Stockings  – Forever21

Footwear                  – Steve Madden


Photography – Ratul Virmani (rv_ratulvirmani)


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Ishika (@ishikadmonty)



2016 has been very eventful and by eventful, I also mean all the not so good and disappointing happenings and experiences. The year started on a precarious note as I entered the final semester of my Master’s degree program and to figure out what to do next was the “big” uncertain question, which it still is.

In the month of July, I got my post-graduate degree in Human Rights after which I sat at home for good 3 months giving interviews and deciding what to do next. Finally, in October I got selected for an internship program (where I am getting to learning so much from such amazing people). Now that I think about all the interviews that I gave and the ones I couldn’t clear, one thing that comes to my mind and which I truly believe in is that whatever happens, happens for a reason and for our very own good (self-motivation always helps). 

In all the chaos and anxiety about figuring out the next step, the best decision and the highlight (for me) I would say was when I finally decided to start sharing and expressing my sartorial inclinations and love for literally everything related to clothes ( which has been a big destresser for me while I deal with life) through this blog. Honestly, when I started I  did not think that in a few months I would be able to grow and learn so much, meet and work with some really talented people through this space. I am very happy to have created something for myself, where I can showcase and express what I love doing so much and share it with people with similar preferences and likings.

In the end, apart from the amazing outfit (special mention to the shoot as well) that you would see below, I want to specially mention two things that I have learnt this year that:

– it’s okay to not know things especially about ” future plans” (things take time just work towards them).

-if you have something in mind express and execute it because it’s never too late.


Hope that you all have a super awesome year ahead and a  big ” Thank You” to all the amazing people who take out some time to read my posts or are reading this post right now. It is all your love and appreciation that keeps me motivated to come up with new ideas and get better with each post.






























PHOTOGRAPHY  – ANKIT KUMAR (@framesbyankit)


Long Jacket                – Forever 21

Turtle Neck                – H&M

Shorts                         – H&M

Fishnet Stockings  – Forever21

Boots                          – Stilettos 


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Ishika (@ishikadmonty)




Hey Guys!

Hope you all are amazingly well!

It’s been so long since I wrote a decent post. Not that I consider myself a wordsmith but to express what I  love doing in mere words can be a bit of a task, also it’s been about three months since I have started interning, juggling  between work,  blog work and life has kept me very occupied and honestly, I am happy that I am  being able to manage to multitask . (I am so sure my parents would be like, “this is so untrue.”)

Coming back to the post, I am back with another ethnic cum fusion post because for me, ethnic and fusion dressing takes a backseat in winters. I love dressing ethnic and fusion but somehow  I associate winters with sharp and clean silhouettes (maybe, I guess it’s just a fix ) and because of this “fix” I simply end up wearing only jackets or bundling myself under layers of sweaters. All my pretty  Kurtis, printed long skirts take a good long sabbatical during the winter months.

 For this post, I decided not to venture out much of my comfort zone (which will certainly not be the case in future) because honestly, I was sceptical myself about putting up this look for this season. So I went ahead by pairing a bottle green cold shoulder sweater with a  printed mustard long skirt. The essence of the outfit and the colour combination (green and mustard with gold) is highly earthy at the same time very much in sync with the colours and vibe associated with winters.  I did not want to go overboard or overdo the ethnic look and for that I accessorized the outfit  with just a neck piece, a pair of golden loop earrings and a pair of kadas and completed the look with a pair of laced boots as winter ensembles are incomplete without boots  (boots actually go very well with ethnic attires as well). 


Hope you all love it!































Cold Shoulder Sweater   – Forever21

Skirt                                     – Sarojini Nagar

Boots                                    – Soft &Sleek

Baubles                                – Janpath

PHOTOGRAPHY     –  FRAMES BY ANKIT (@framesbyankit)

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Ishika (@ishikadmonty)


Hey Guys! 

Today’s post is going to be a short one (I think so!) and about an outfit that I had recently worn so that’s the reason for #wiw (what I wore).  

The weather since November has been very puzzling, the hot and cold conundrum has kept us all in a fix and confused whether to finally start layering or not.  So the other day while I was going out I really wanted to wear my new olive green bomber jacket but the weather wasn’t really on my side. The whole situation was pretty disturbing and annoying (at least for me), and even though it wasn’t chilly outside I couldn’t resist wearing  the bomber jacket. To avoid being baked in the heat, I decided to wear a denim skirt and keep my legs bare (not completely though!) instead of a pair of denim. Under the jacket, I wore a choker neck top and accessorised the outfit with statement red lips earrings which complimented the whole casual look very well .

I wasn’t really sure about writing this post (that’s why it’s so short) but this outfit was so appropriate for this puzzling weather that I decided to share it with you all as well.


Hope you all like it!























Bomber jacket        – H&M

Choker Neck Top   – Koovs

Denim Skirt            – H&M

Mules                        – Aldo

Earrings                   – Eristona

Shades                     – Street Shopped





ISHIKA (@ishikadmonty)





Hello, Everybody!

Hope you all are amazingly well!

Welcome back to the blog! So I am back with a new  brand collaboration ( I literally can’t contain my excitement ) and it is with ENL  . As I have been blogging for a  couple of months now, I  sort of have a wish list of the brands I would actually want to collaborate with or work for and I am very happy to put tick marks on two of them, one of them being ENL .

What made me immediately say yes to the collaboration  was that ENL took into consideration my own sense and taste of styling  (because brands don’t usually do that with new bloggers). Also,  I  got the opportunity to co- design a few pieces (two of them I have styled below)  and give inputs regarding new designs and trends which I personally love for their new collection. The designs are all very cosmopolitan and chic which caters to all our fashion needs (that’s what I personally love). Every piece in their collection is super pocket-friendly  as well which makes you fall in love with the brand even more.

The first garment  for this post ( co-designed by me) from ENL is a pair of parallel check pants. I decided to  go ahead with a  semi- formal  and clean look for which  I have paired the pants with a Choker neck top . To define the look, even more, I have accessorised the outfit with a double buckle belt and finished the look with a pair of black Mules. 

The second garment from ENL is a royal blue high neck balloon sleeve top which is very feminine and modish  and keeping this is mind in mind I have paired the top with an A-Line suede skirt and my favourite pair of mules (which I have been wearing literally everywhere!).


Hope you all love it !







IMG_1867 (1).JPG
















Top         –  Koovs

Pants    ENL

Mules    -Forever21

Shades  -Street Shopped

Belt        – SMU (instagram)


Balloon Sleeve Blouse  – ENL

Skirt                                   – H&M

Mules                                 -Aldo

Shades                               -Aldo

Use the coupon code Ishika15 to get 15%, valid on all the products available on  ENL  ‘s website .


PHOTOGRAPHY  – RATUL VIRMANI (@rv_ratulvirmani)


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ISHIKA  (@ishikadmonty)



Feeling Festive


Okay! I know I am a little late with this  post but  it’s that time of the year where special occasions,  festivals or weddings are happening and celebrated every other day and the festive vibes  are incomplete without us donning our Indian ensembles.

The case with most girls (I am assuming)  and me being  one of them are that we don’t really own many ethnic or Indian attires  because for that we need a proper festive occasion or a wedding  to flaunt it , otherwise we are just fine and good to go everywhere in our jeans and T-shirts .  Honestly, why I don’t own many  festive Indian attires because they cost a bomb so I just end up not attending such events or somehow manage with the things I already own (which personally I love doing) but investing a little on Indian wear has never really harmed anybody.

For today’s post, I am wearing a Kurta and a ghagra tunic (I named it ghagra tunic because it’s worn underneath the kurta and the skirt part is exactly like a ghagra). For a really long time, I wanted to get a kurta along with a ghagra stitched so when I saw this pair, I immediately bought it especially  for two reasons firstly it was very economical and  second if I hadn’t, it would have haunted me for I don’t know how many days. Another thing about this attire is that it’s so elegant and sober (not at all jhatak). Not to overdo things I have kept the makeup very basic and minimal, for accessories I have used a mang tikka, huge kundan jhumkis, bangles and a decent sized ring.  For footwear I would have loved to wear flats but where else would I get to wear my super high golden stilettos (only another short girl would understand!). 


Hope you all love it !





















Kurta + Ghagra        – Max

Jewelry & Bangles   –   Lajpat Nagar

Footwear                    – Steve Madden




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